Designed for interoperability

Seamlessly integrate with Logistimo

Rely on enterprise-grade web APIs over secure HTTPS. Integrate with other software and firmware in the ecosystem. Schedule or trigger push & pull with Logistimo REST APIs.

Transportation applications

Transport applications like Fedex and Tusker can easily integrate with Logistimo allowing quick order placement and end-to-end tracking of shipments.

ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems can use Logistimo's APIs to pull reporting data on a periodic basis on stock positions, utilisation, consumption, and supply.

Legacy applications

Legacy applications without open APIs can be integrated by creating custom adapters to exchange data with Logistimo.


Warehouse Management Systems

Logistimo inventory and orders can be easily integrated with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). They can be synchronised on demand or on a periodic basis across the two systems using Logistimo's Order/Inventory APIs.

Management Information System

Management information systems (MIS) requiring periodic reports on stock positions, consumption and supply can pull inventory and transaction data using Logistimo's Inventory APIs.

Sensors & Telemetry

Logistimo offers an Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework with APIs that enable sensors and telemetric devices to send and receive data, and configurations using secure HTTP and SMS protocols.