Post-deployment, metrics are monitored to continuously improve usage and enable greater impact. Monitoring is an ongoing process, and steps in this stage include the following:

1. Track progress.
2. Measure improvements.

Track Progress

Monitoring can be broadly divided into the following steps:

  1. Ensuring adoption status of users: The primary objective is to ensure that users are using the product.
  2. Improving data quality of the data collected: The quality of the data being entered in the application should be monitored in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  3. Analyzing supply chain performance: The progress of the deployment should be in in line with the supply chain objectives.
    • Understand user feedback: This can be periodically assessed based on queries and improvements received via the support platform.

Measure Improvements

Based on the progress in each of these stages, measures will need to be taken to improve them. This might include basic measures such as the following:

    • Conducting refresher trainings.
    • Updating the system with latest metadata.
    • Addressing specific challenges faced.

A monitoring supply chain metrics document can be used to measure supply chain improvements.