About Us

Logistimo improves lives and businesses by strengthening supply chains to connect remote communities with access to essential products, services and opportunities. 


CO2e Tonnes Reduced

>600 Million

Beneficiaries Served

>40 Million

Transactions Annually


Stock Availability

>$200 Million

Cost Savings


Logistimo is designed to enable the economic & health renaissance of 3 billion rural emerging market citizens. Our technology and efforts secure critical supply chains for health, energy & agriculture – enabling affordable and reliable access to pharmaceuticals, farming inputs, construction materials, FMCG, and clean energy products – and wherever possible, creating local work opportunities and minimizing the carbon footprint of these activities.


Logistimo provides context-specific technology for logistics orchestration, telemetry, social encouragement and digital auctions – and applies these tools alongside clients to solve practical problems in immunization, rural transport, agriculture, and other domains where the socioeconomic impact is significant.